Heating System Maintenance

Get Reddi for winter with a furnace tune-up. We provide annual tune-ups to ensure your heating system is running safely and efficiently. Regular maintenance can help reduce your energy expenses, prolong the life of your furnace and heating equipment.

Just like a car, furnaces have many moving parts and electrical components that require preventative maintenance to ensure they continue to operate efficiently, reliably and safely. Avoid furnace problems and costly repairs in the middle of winter (when technicians are busiest) with regular furnace maintenance.

Tune-up Benefits

  • Reduce Energy Costs
  • Extend Furnace Life
  • Improve Air Quality
  • Better Airflow
  • Reduce Breakdown Risk
  • Ensure Safe Operation
  • Improve Efficiency
  • Maintain Manufacturer Warranty

We perform furnace tune-ups year-round, but suggest having your system checked out before you use it each winter. A proper cleaning and safety check to start the season helps ensure you won’t have issues when the cold weather hit. Tune-ups are particularly important for gas furnaces, which can produce carbon monoxide. If you have questions, or would like to schedule your tune-up give us a call:

Discounted Annual Service

Sign up for our annual preventative maintenance program and save! This plan includes a fall or winter furnace tune-up and spring AC tune-up. Call for current pricing.

Furnace Filter

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