Why Is My AC Not Blowing Cold Air?

July 13, 2022

There are many reasons your AC might not be cooling your home properly. The solution could be as easy as flipping a switch on your thermostat, cleaning a dirty air filter, or clearing debris away from your outdoor unit. There are also more complex problems that may need the help of a professional. Here are a few ways you can troubleshoot the problem.

AC Problems You Can Solve

Thermostat Settings
If you have noticed your AC blowing both cool and lukewarm air off and on, it may be because your thermostat is set to “on”. When it’s set to “on” it runs the fan 24/7 even when the air isn’t being cooled. Try setting your thermostat to “auto” and see if that makes a difference.

Dirty Air Filter
The air filter strains particles from the indoor air supply but when it fills to capacity, less air passes through. When this happens, your system has less air to condition. For example, your thermostat may say 74 but the temperature won’t get below 80 degrees. A dirty air filter could also freeze your evaporator coil. When it freezes, it’ll turn into a block of ice and stops any cool air from going into your home. Check your air filter and replace it every three months or sooner if it looks dirty.

Dirty Outdoor Unit
Once your air conditioner’s indoor unit (the evaporator) absorbs the heat from the inside, it then transfers the heat to the outside unit (the condenser). If the condenser is dirty or covered in debris you need to remove the blockage so that it can release any built up heat. If not, your AC will struggle to cool your home. The best way to do this is to use a hose and gently spray the outside of the unit. Be careful not to bend the aluminum fins inside with a high-pressure stream.

Person Adjusting Thermostat

AC Problems a Professional Should Solve

Broken Condenser Fan
Without a properly working condenser fan, the outdoor unit will no longer be able to dissipate heat and cool your house off.

Low Refrigerant Level
The refrigerant is the liquid that absorbs the heat from your home and cools it off. If you have ice buildup on the refrigerant line or outside unit or hear a bubbling/hissing sound, you may have a leak. When you notice these signs, turn off your air conditioner ASAP and call a professional. Keeping it on may cause damage to your compressor.

Faulty Compressor
A compressor acts as the heart of your air conditioning system. It moves the refrigerant between the inside and outside unit. A damaged compressor usually requires replacing the outside unit and it can be very costly. It’s best to have a professional technician take a look.

Damaged Air Ducts
The duct system in the attic is used to transport cleaned and conditioned air back into the home. When there is a tear in the duct, the much hotter air in the attic escapes through the duct and then into your home making it appear as though your AC isn’t blowing cold air. Air ducts deteriorate with age, rodents and construction mistakes. Have your ducts inspected by an HVAC technician for any possible repairs.

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