Free Air Purifier with Select Heating & Cooling Systems

Our new heating and cooling systems offer improved performance and greater energy efficiency. For a limited time select systems include a free air purify.

Duct mounted air purifiers reduce pollutants, bacteria and viruses. These systems continuously clean the air, attack contaminants, and improve air quality.

Benefits of a New Heating and Cooling System

  • Improved comfort & air quality
  • Lower utility bills & reduced energy usage
  • Reduce/eliminate repair bills
  • Modern features including: noise reduction, wi-fi controls, humidity control, and more.
HVAC Air Purifiers

About Air Purifiers

We offer three air purifier options. Depending on your system, needs, and availability, we may suggest a different model. All of our options are from top manufactures, and they each offer similar benefits, including:

  • Odor and airborne particle reduction
  • Viruses and bacteria reduction
  • Improved air quality

Air Scrubber – UV light that utilizes photocatalytic oxidation.
REME-HALO – UV light with low level hydrogen peroxide production.
iWave – Utilizes ionization process.

Financing Available

We offer multiple financing plans. Credit approval required. Application is a soft credit check that does not impact your credit score.